Green Network Technology

Become More Energy Efficient

Utilizing more efficient gas turbines on platforms could significantly improve efficiencies in exploration and production operations. Using electricity from the land-based grid for offshore platforms rather than gas turbines could provide opportunity to utilize grid based renewable energy, reduce CO2 emissions, and improve energy efficiency.

Midstream / Transport
The oil and gas transportation system is a complex network of pipelines designed to transport petroleum products from producing. Key technologies for energy efficiency in midstream include controls, enterprise software, instrumentation, low-voltage products, high pressure pipelines, and efficient compressors, pumps, drives and motors. Software and analytics could also optimize downstream distribution logistics and reduce energy consumption.

Downstream Refining
Petroleum refining requires tremendous amounts of energy. For this reason, setting achievable targets for improving energy efficiency should be a top priority for most refinery managers.
The need to reduce operating costs intensifies as refining margins decrease. Any solution that improves the conservation, recovery and use of heat will increase the refinery's efficiency; techniques such as enhanced heat integration, increased automation, energy management systems, and the use of modern catalysts can improve the energy efficiency of a refinery.

End consumer
Oil and gas companies, similar to automobile companies, have the opportunity to engage with end consumers to educate them on what efficient operational practices they are implementing as a company and what steps the end consumer can take to be more sustainable and energy efficient. In addition, oil and gas companies can provide energy saving products to its consumers such as lubricants and gasoline with fuel additives.



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